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We are Moving

The SEAL project is moving to a new home at since CodePlex is closing so please come and visit us at our new location.




Project Description

SEAL is an easy-to-use homomorphic encryption library, developed by researchers in the Cryptography Research group at Microsoft Research. SEAL is written in C++11, and contains .NET wrappers for the public API. It has no external dependencies.


6/4/2017: SEAL v2.2 released

SEAL v2.2 has been released. It includes the changes from the experimental branch, and many other improvements. We will be starting a new experimental branch shortly, and have big plans for major improvements to be implemented this summer, so stay tuned. :)

As usual, a new version of the documentation is available here.

Some people have asked about the future of the SEAL project with Codeplex shutting down. SEAL will be moved to a good new home during the summer, and the next release will be happening there. 


10/13/2016: Experimental Branch

A new experimental branch has been created. This branch will get much more frequent updates than the master branch, but these updates may not have been tested as thoroughly as the code in the master branch, may introduce frequent API changes, and may contain incomplete functionality. This first experimental commit contains some significant performance improvements over SEAL v2.1.


9/30/2016: SEAL v2.1 released

Again a new version of SEAL has been released. This is a fairly large update, which focuses mostly on performance, but also introduces some small API changes.

To accompany the release and to explain the changes in SEAL v2.1, we have released a new version of the documentation, available here



The code-base contains examples written both in C++ and in C#. These examples are heavily commented, serving as a self-contained short introduction to using the library. In addition, the .h files both in the C++ library and in the .NET wrapper library contain detailed comments for the public API.

To learn to use SEAL, we recommend looking at the example projects, as they contain several detailed and thoroughly commented examples demonstrating most of the basic features.

A detailed manual for using the newest version of SEAL is available here.



We would like to thank John Wernsing, Michael Naehrig, Nathan Dowlin, Rachel Player, Gizem Cetin, Susan Xia, and Peter Rindal for their contributions to the SEAL project. We would also like to thank everyone who has sent us helpful comments, suggestions, and bug reports.


Contact Us

If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or bug reports, please contact us either via CodePlex, or by emailing

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